5 Stars

Dennis Lennon

Nervous I was when I made my first booking.
Ring ring goes the phone then a Gentle voice 'Hi, Sandra speaking'.

She answered all my questions and happily booked me in..
Then came Joanne on my first lesson cheerful instructor with a big smile and a grin.

She taught and refined my driving skills to her best ..
By the end of the lesson I was ready for my test!

The test which was planned for the very next day..
Didn't happen due to an error my mix up of test my test date which was still one month away!

Lucky it was only a few hours after my lesson.
That I quickly called EDS all embarrassed and stressin!

Remy answered with her calming voice and took care of it all.
Got the dates right and rescheduled everything by end of the call.

So Today I have my test and a lesson before.
Then along came Shanley in her ASX as she opened the door.

Friendly and Kind and an animal lover too!
She took me out on my lesson and told me exactly what to do!

Then up we pulled inside TMRs parking bay..
Thats when we see Tess from EDS looking at the front of her car in dismay.

A scratch on her front bumper made by her Learner trainee..
She laughs and we all do as she says a Bit of polish will fix it you'll see!

Now if you've read this far and wondered what's with all the name droppin..
They all deserve more credit for the roles they're all workin.

So with that Ladies once again thank you for all your efforts and service!
Your in GREAT hands here with these ladies don't get or be so nervous!

I Got my license I would just like to gratefully comment..
"Thank You Very Much EDS and Staff" For everything and your involvement!

5 Stars

Joao Portal

The 10h lesson + Test day with Shanley worthed every second, she is so friendly and helpful, I felt safe and confident all the time it was a really fun time, thanks to her and Ezyway I could pass on my driving test with excellence.

Thanks a lot :D

5 Stars

Cynthia Tangeria

Instructor Nikki was and still is great. She makes driving fun. I've already learnt Soo much from her which is a testiment to her skill and teaching ability. In just 2 lessons I was already straight reversing and shoulder checking more(my weakness) aswell as nailing the reverse parallel park. Seriously I'm not joking. Took a while for me to find her but now I did I'm not going anywhere.??????

5 Stars


Sandra is the most wonderful, kind hearted person out there, all of my lessons with her were enjoyable and I always looked forward to them. I could only imagine how draining it can be driving around all day as an instructor, but no matter what, she always has a bubbly attitude every lesson and always put her students first. Considering I had a bad driving school prior to Sandra, it's made me realise how much her time and effort really makes an impact.

Anyone looking for a driving school, you'll be in such good hands with Sandra!! I wouldn't have wanted my money going to any other driving school!

5 Stars


Can’t recommend Sandra highly enough. She is simply amazing! My daughter would not have gotten her licence without her patience, understanding and her natural ability to make learner drivers feel comfortable and at ease. She’s a lovely person who cares about the kids she teaches and her genuine excitement and joy for them when they succeed is so heartfelt.
We will definitely see you again Sandra when it’s time for our other children to have lessons, we wouldn’t send them anywhere else.
Honestly can’t thank you enough!

5 Stars


Sandra is beyond amazing. She guides you with confidence, and professionalism, all while smiling, laughing, and being super easy going. She never gets cross, or frustrated, she’s helpful, and extremely patient.
I was so worried about going for my P plates, but she calmed me down, and helped so much with my own confidence.
I couldn’t recommend her enough.

5 Stars


Sandra is a lovely person with very kind heart! Passed my p’s with no faults with only 10 lessons!! Couldn’t of done it without her, I’m glad I found ezyway.

5 Stars


Hands down the best driving school ever! We had trialled a few for our son before we found Ezyway. He was just so comfortable with Sandra. He’s not only been able to obtain his P’s but he has flourished with confidence on and off the road. We couldn’t thank you enough. We will see you in another year to do it all again with our daughter. Just love your work Sandra.

5 Stars


Sandra was incredible, helping me prepare for my P's test!! Her knowledge and genuine ability to teach is second to none.
Highly Recommended.
Thanks Sandra

5 Stars


I cannot say enough about how great Sandra is as a driving instructor and person. She's so easy to get along with and I always felt at ease during our lessons. I was extremely anxious about driving, and kept putting off doing lessons and shying away from the test. Sandra helped me become more comfortable with being on the road and driving with passengers. Her lessons don't just cover what you need to pass the test; she also took me through different roads, and went through many scenarios with me so I felt more prepared for any situation.

If you're looking for a fun and knowledgeable instructor, then Sandra is definitely the one to choose.

5 Stars


Best instructor ever! Anyone on the Gold Coast that needs lessons, this is your lady.

From being to scared to drive after a mini accident a few years ago to now. Words can't explain my appreciation for this wonderful lady. Thank you Sandra.

5 Stars


Sandra is a fantastic driving instructor who goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and keeps encouraging you to do your best! If i wasn't for her caring nature and excellent teaching I wouldn't have had the confidence to get my license. Thanks heaps Sandra

5 Stars


Best driving instructor around! I started my lessons with a lot of anxiety and had been putting them off for a long time. Straight away Sandra made me feel comfortable and relaxed with my driving, and I gained the confidence I needed to pass my test.. So easy to get along with and really cares about her students. Would definitely recommend, thank you so much!!

5 Stars


My daughter used Sandra as an instructor. What can i say, Sandra was absolutely amazing. Every lesson Jess was relaxed and always excited for he lesson. As an instructor Sandra went above and beyond in teaching my daughter to drive and getting her P's. Highly recommended anyone looking for a driving instructor, your child will be at total ease with Sandra.

5 Stars


Can not thank Sandra enough! I started with extreme anxiety whenever I got behind the wheel of a car, 2 lessons with Sandra and passed my test 1st go. The best driving instructor if you're looking for fun, relaxation and adventure!

5 Stars


Both my brothers and I went to Sandra, excellent service and I enjoyed every minute of being in the car with her! Really helped with my parallel parking and reverse! Definitely a five star

5 Stars


Great Driving School! Sandra is a very calm and super friendly instructor. 10/10 would recommend

5 Stars


Recommended both my brother and sister to Sandra, excellent service and great value for money!

5 Stars


Fantastic driving instructor and very fun and relaxed.

5 Stars

Stuart Crosswell

Thanks so much to Tess Tehira for being such a calming presence as I went from having no driver experience to passing my test first go within a few short weeks. She makes driving sound fun and it’s so easy to understand her instructions. Definitely highly recommended as an instructor because of her patience, attention to detail and overall just her caring nature Thanks Tess!!!

5 Stars

Ricarda Rudawski

Just had my first lesson with Joanne. Very happy, she’s very calm and encouraging, made me feel good taking up lessons again. Will book more :)

5 Stars

Nathan Fearon

I just had a driving lesson with Tess Tehira and it was a great experience. I was quite nervous driving a different vehicle for the first time, but Tess was very patient, supportive and helpful. Highly recommended!

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