Driving Lessons

Daily struggles and fear that may come with learning how to drive. (Or even getting back behind the wheel after having an accident). We will take it slow, at your own pace, and your instructor is always there with you every step of the way.

You will get not just a driving teacher, but a trusted friend and mentor. Your training doesn't stop when your hour is up - your instructor is always available to talk and answer your questions, and provide feedback on your learning process.

No judgement, no yelling, just fun learning! We offer driving lessons for any age group and experience level. We are calm, patient and thorough.

We don’t just want you to pass your test, we want you to be able to drive safely, confidently and accurately. Your well-being is our utmost priority. And we try to have a little fun while we do it!

Servicing the Gold Coast areas of Coomera to Southport

Service Auto Manual
1 Hour Driving Lesson $75 $73
2 Hour Driving Lesson $145 $143
Test Day Pack (1 Hour Lesson + Car Hire)
$210 $350



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