Why do people get so nervous before taking their practical driving test?

Written by Sandra Bain

It’s completely understandable that students get nervous before their big test day. For most students, it’s the biggest day of their lives so far and a day which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Personally, I think, if you’re not even slightly nervous, then there’s something wrong with you.

But getting TOO nervous can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety on the day of the test. And it is one of the biggest reasons, why otherwise competent drivers, end up failing their drivers test.


The problem occurs when learners become so overwhelmed with nerves, their ability to make complex planning and judgement decisions is severely compromised, leading to unsafe decisions like speeding, failing to give way and becoming distracted.

It can actually be beneficial to be a little nervous on the day as it can help sharpen their thinking and performance skills, but someone who is overly anxious, jumpy and scared will find it hard to perform at a peak level behind the wheel.

Most people will admit the thought of a test or exam can often be accompanied with negative feelings. The driving test is different to most tests because it involves a total assessment of your driving knowledge, skills and awareness. All within a Q-SAFE testing environment, accompanied by a Queensland Transport Examiner you have never met before, overseeing a Pass or Fail scenario!

This can be a very daunting position for most people to find themselves in! The added pressure of being under the supervision of a Driving Examiner, needing to listen to and follow their verbal instructions can be a challenge in itself. Coupled with the strict assessment criteria being applied to your drive while looking ahead to pick up signs, driving safely in accordance with the road rules can build a lot of pressure!

This pressure can often lead to an unnecessary fail, especially if you don’t have enough practise beforehand.


Remember, “What you tell yourself, counts”


If you focus on all the negative feelings, the things that could go wrong or even say you’re no good…you’re ultimately setting yourself up for failure.
If you focus on all the positive feelings, the things you know you’re good at and can do safely & confidently and tell yourself you are in control of the outcome…you’re setting yourself up for the most epic pass ever!

Ensuring you are able to drive relatively calmly and safely, by getting your mindset right, is as important as your practical driving skills on the day. Getting this aspect of your test preparation under control is the key to success!

In your lessons with Ezyway Driving School, we will carefully guide you through the various stages you will experience on test day. We share tips, strategies and stories to help you retain the knowledge you’ve learned in your lessons. Also explaining the Examiners Role and their expectations of you, outlining how a test drive should be approached and providing a detailed insight into the Queensland Driving Test (Q-SAFE) assessment criteria. All whilst practising the common test routes, scenarios and discussing common test errors and ways to improve your result.


But most importantly, we spend a significant amount of time addressing your fears and finding a way to overcome them. Not only will you get to open up and discuss this with us in the car, allowing us to put you more at ease, but we also offer a Guided Hypnosis Recording for our students who purchase a test day package.
Ezyway Driving School’s guided visualisation session will walk you through the practical driving test, from meeting your examiner, to putting on your seatbelt. From indicating and checking for traffic, to perfecting your manoeuvres. All the way through to the successful completion at the end of your test, whilst also introducing positive suggestions of a calm and relaxed drive.


Playing this at night when going to sleep will substitute your negative and anxious thought patterns with confidence, courage and a more positive attitude. Click here to learn more about our Hypnosis Recordings

  For a sneak peak of our Hypnosis we offer, click the links below

With our years of training experience combined with mindset discussions and being equipped with Anxiety Removal Hypnosis, we can guarantee you’ve been given the best possible head start for your test day. You can arrive on the day feeling far less stressed and more prepared to take on the task ahead of you, and complete it with a positive outcome.

Sample: "Become a Confident Driver" Hypnosis

Sample: "Remove Test Day Anxiety" Hypnosis

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