Mobile phones and driving do not mix

In this modern world, having technology at our fingertips can lead many people to view instant responses as a necessity, or even feel anxious about keeping in contact while driving.


   →  Handsfree is fine for everyone

   →  I’m a good driver I will manage

   →  If I don’t get caught…


   →  Learners and drivers under 25 years cannot use hands free

   →  Using a mobile is just as dangerous as drink driving and multiplies your chance of crashing by 4

   →  Getting caught is the least of your worries causing an accident is far worse damage to vehicles, property and lives far outweigh that.

   →  The average phone glance is 2 seconds and in a 50km zone this is the same as driving 28 metres with your eyes shut

Don’t forget, while driving: 

   →  There is a $1000 fine and 4 demerit points for touching your phone.

   →  It is illegal to hold your phone, including when you are stopped at traffic lights.

   →  Learners, P1 and drivers under 25 cannot use a phone in any way and passengers of these drivers are prohibited from using loudspeaker.

Leave your phone alone while driving. If you think they can’t wait for a reply, they won’t handle never getting one.

Comment below how you think we can get through to drivers.

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