Written by Sandra Bain

Its 3pm and its been a loooong day, you’re dying for a coffee. You head off to your favourite coffee shop to get your fancy Grande, non-fat, skinny,  caramel latte with extra whipped cream where you’d pay anywhere from $6.60 upwards. But your budget is a bit low this week and you consider whether or not you should get the fancy coffee or maybe go for a cheaper  version from somewhere else.


You remember the corner store sells $3 ones, but even better, the servo down the road sells them for only $2!

Feeling good about your decision, you head down to the servo and grab yourself a $2 coffee, thinking about all the money you saved and what you could possibly spend that few extra dollars on as MAYBE you could make this a more regular habit.


You take the first mouthful and almost choke. It’s bitter, only luke warm and very watery. You add more sugar to try and make it relatively drinkable, but that didn’t work. Every mouthful you take, makes you more and more resentful and angry because for only a few dollars more, you could have had the amazing caramel latte with extra cream that you were ACTUALLY craving all along.


Was it worth it? Are you still happy with your decision to save those few extra dollars and drink the mediocre coffee instead? Has your 3pm exhaustion disappeared? Are you ready to conquer the rest of the day?

Or are you now more cranky than before, hating yourself for making the wrong choice in order to save a few bucks and wishing you hadn’t gone for the cheaper option afterall?


You’re wondering where I’m going with this, aren’t you?


Well, it makes me question how much people would be willing to spend on driving lessons…


Unlike coffee, driving lessons are not a luxury. They are almost a necessity, especially if you want to give your child the best head start to driving on the roads safely. Knowing this, do you see driving lessons as an investment or an unwanted expense? Would you be happy sending them off into the world with limited knowledge, experience, skills and confidence? Would you be happy knowing you saved yourself some extra dollars for something more important? 

Driving can be scary. The Gold Coast roads can be scary to drive on. You’re allowing your child to be in control of one of the deadliest weapons in the world, at the tender young age of just 17. Knowing that every time they leave the house, there’s a possibility of them not coming home. How much time and training do YOU feel is enough to make sure your baby comes home safe at the end of the day? 

Quick Stats

  • 1,226 people were killed in road related deaths, over 3 people a day
  • 34% of fatal crashes occur in major cities
  • 1 in 10 crashes resulted in multiple deaths
  • 30% of accidents that occurred as a result of the car running off the road
  • Single vehicle accidents were the most common accident resulting in death


People spend many, many years and LOTS of money going to Uni to learn a new skill to prepare them for their future. But when learning the new skill of driving, only 1 year experience and 100 hours of driving is apparently enough, with only a handful of professional lessons thrown in. Are we ok with this?  

When you choose to learn with Ezyway Driving School, you are investing in your Childs future. We offer your child a safe environment to make their mistakes and learn from them, without fear of judgement or criticism. We know that a calm and stress-free atmosphere is needed in order for students to gain confidence in their new skillset. 

Yes, I know, driving lessons are expensive and can definitely have a negative impact on the bank balance, but so can a funeral.


You can put a cost value on a cup of coffee, but can you put a cost value on the future wellbeing of your child?

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