Do you know what dry steering is?

Do you know what dry steering is? And how bad it can be for your vehicle?

Dry steering is when you turn the wheel of the vehicle when it is stationary. Some drivers will do this when they are reversing out of a park or trying to parallel park.

This type of treatment of a car is likely to cause damage to the tyres and even bearings if this is done too often.

This manoeuvre is very difficult in older cars without power-steering. Newer model cars it will feel easier but the pressure is still being put on the tyres.

It is recommended to keep the car moving when you need to turn the steering wheel even if it is a very slow pace and feels like it is barely moving this will reduce the damage.

While this won’t cause you to fail your test or incur any penalties, unnecessary wear and tear on your car can cause safety issues or expensive repairs in the long run. Catch yourself and change the habit before it costs you.

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