Can you eat while driving?

Can you eat while driving?

While it is not currently illegal to eat while driving it is listed among the things that can distract a driver. It is up there with texting and driving which is illegal. So it may only be a matter of time before eating becomes completely off limits as well.

It is recommended to avoid eating while driving. Not having both hands available would be dangerous and reduce reaction time.

Dropping, spilling, dripping, or crumbling foods can also be a distraction to avoid.

The recommendation is that new drivers, anyone who is a learner, P-plater, or drivers under 25 years should not attempt to eat at all while driving.

If you’re hungry, grab a snack before you leave or wait until you reach your destination. You can always park after going to a drive-through. You would be surprised by some of the images road cameras have picked up people driving while eating a bowl of cereal and even someone cutting up a steak while behind the wheel. It’s important that you are alert to surroundings on the road, not distracted by food.

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