Ever considered becoming a Driving Instructor?

Written by Sandra Bain

Here's a bunch of reasons why working for Ezyway Driving School could be the 
exact change you're looking for….

1) Stable income with a continuous stream of clients:

- Always replenishing schedule, new customers regularly

- Our company manages all the marketing and social media required

- Online booking system accessible 24/7

2) Enjoyable career that could take you through to retirement:

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We all know it can be frustrating waiting in the traffic, but we must remember they are just doing their job to maintain and update the roads we are driving on.

The speeds around roadworks are always reduced. This is due to the fact they are making changes to the road that may make a faster speed unsafe and to make sure you are going slowly to get used to the new road.

This is also since you are in a vehicle and many of these workers are not. Their safety while they are working hard to keep our roads safe is very important.

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Car Maintenance - Keep you car in tip-top shape

We all know a car needs petrol to make it go. But there are a number of other things you can do that will not only help the car run more efficiently and keep it safer, but it can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

These few simple checks will keep your car on the road a lot longer.

- Check your tyres: Check your air pressure on a regular basis and check the tread while you are doing this as well.
- Check your oil: Checking your engine oil regularly will ensure that the engine will be able to run smoothly.
- Water: make sure you check your water regularly.
- Brake and hazard light checks: Get a friend or family member to check these with you. If these are not working other drivers may not know you are slowing down or stopped.

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School Zones are designed to keep the areas around schools safer for everyone.

School Zones are designed to keep the areas around schools safer for everyone.

Most zones are between the standard times of 7-9am and 2-4pm and generally will be set to 40km/h.

Certain councils and areas may vary so make sure you read the sign or check with the local council in your area.

These zones are set to ensure the safety of the children, parents and staff around these times when a high volume of them are coming to or leaving school.

Some areas have additional parking restrictions, and most have a drop off zone to make sure that the traffic is affected as little as possible.

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Avoid that Parking Fine

“You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.”
? Tommy Cooper

Parking restrictions are in place to keep the roads clear and safe for other road users.

There is plenty of signage around to let you know where you can and cannot park.

If there is no signage there are a few simple rules to follow and fines may occur if you park in any of the following:

- Clearways
- Bus or taxi zones
- Within 10m of an intersection (20m if there are traffic lights)
- Work zones, loading zones or truck zones
- On a highway
- In a permit zone

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Never Drive faster than your guardian angel can fly- Author Unknown

Never Drive faster than your guardian angel can fly- Author Unknown

Speeding is one of the top causes of accidents.

Make sure you stick to the speed limits as they have been set for a reason and the people that set them must take a lot of things into consideration to ensure they are consistent.

They consider how many lanes, how much on street parking, how many houses and traffic accident reports for the area.

They have been set for your safety and others. Obey the limit and make it to your destination.

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Driving Anxiety Removalists

Driving anxiety is very common among drivers and can stem from multiple different reasons.

Here at Ezyway Driving School we understand that this is something that many people are dealing with and we have many ways to help you through this process.

We are one of the first schools to focus on eliminating anxiety while driving.

We will teach you ways to cope with your anxiety to help you pass your test and safely get out on the roads without the worry.

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Stop Signs - Myths vs Facts

Stop signs


   -   If the person in front stopped, I don’t need to worry about it

   -   They are basically a give way sign

   -   I only need to stop 3 seconds then go



   -   If the person in front of you stops you also need to stop when you are at the front

   -   If it were meant to be a Give Way sign it would be. Stop means stop.

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Can you eat while driving?

Can you eat while driving?

While it is not currently illegal to eat while driving it is listed among the things that can distract a driver. It is up there with texting and driving which is illegal. So it may only be a matter of time before eating becomes completely off limits as well.

It is recommended to avoid eating while driving. Not having both hands available would be dangerous and reduce reaction time.

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Do you know what dry steering is?

Do you know what dry steering is? And how bad it can be for your vehicle?

Dry steering is when you turn the wheel of the vehicle when it is stationary. Some drivers will do this when they are reversing out of a park or trying to parallel park.

This type of treatment of a car is likely to cause damage to the tyres and even bearings if this is done too often.

This manoeuvre is very difficult in older cars without power-steering. Newer model cars it will feel easier but the pressure is still being put on the tyres.

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