Stop Signs - Myths vs Facts

Stop signs


   -   If the person in front stopped, I don’t need to worry about it

   -   They are basically a give way sign

   -   I only need to stop 3 seconds then go



   -   If the person in front of you stops you also need to stop when you are at the front

   -   If it were meant to be a Give Way sign it would be. Stop means stop.

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Can you eat while driving?

Can you eat while driving?

While it is not currently illegal to eat while driving it is listed among the things that can distract a driver. It is up there with texting and driving which is illegal. So it may only be a matter of time before eating becomes completely off limits as well.

It is recommended to avoid eating while driving. Not having both hands available would be dangerous and reduce reaction time.

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Do you know what dry steering is?

Do you know what dry steering is? And how bad it can be for your vehicle?

Dry steering is when you turn the wheel of the vehicle when it is stationary. Some drivers will do this when they are reversing out of a park or trying to parallel park.

This type of treatment of a car is likely to cause damage to the tyres and even bearings if this is done too often.

This manoeuvre is very difficult in older cars without power-steering. Newer model cars it will feel easier but the pressure is still being put on the tyres.

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Seat Belts Save Lives

Seat Belts Save Lives.


  - Seat belts cause more damage in an accident

  - Every adult passenger is responsible for their own seat belt

  - Airbags are enough to prevent injury


  - A little bruising you may get is far better than being flung through the windshield

  - The driver is the one who will cop the penalty for every passenger not wearing a seat belt.

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Mobile phones and driving do not mix

In this modern world, having technology at our fingertips can lead many people to view instant responses as a necessity, or even feel anxious about keeping in contact while driving.


   →  Handsfree is fine for everyone

   →  I’m a good driver I will manage

   →  If I don’t get caught…

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4 Tips to keeping your car Coronavirus Free

Written by Sandra Bain


Our cars can be our pride and joy. But did you know that your steering wheel has up to 4-times as many germs on it than a public toilet seat? Just imagine for a moment, all those things you touch, before and after you use your car each and every day. It's enough to make your skin crawl, right?

We should always be mindful of what germs we are transferring from surface to surface, but now that Coronavirus Covid-19 is here, its even more important than ever.

When we go shopping, for example, we touch trolleys, products, shelves, cash and other germ-infested surfaces. We could hold these germs on our hands for close to 4 hours and Covid 19 lasts on surfaces like stainless steel for up to 72 hours. When we touch these surfaces, we can potentially be transferring the germs/virus onto everything else we touch, including our car.

Here are some simple steps you can take, to help you keep you car clean and safe from Coronavirus Covid-19 germs, which you may have picked up along the way...

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Our promise to you - Coronavirus Covid-19

Written by Sandra Bain


At Ezyway, we are taking strict precautionary measures to ensure we keep ourselves AND our cars as sanitary as possible. The health and safety of our instructors AND our students is our utmost priority in these uncertain times. 

Coronavirus Covid-19 has become a world-wide concern which our team are taking seriously. We would all like this to be over as quick as possible, and in order to do so, we ALL must heed to the advice being given by the government and follow the strict guidelines put in place.

In saying that, we are continuing our lessons as normal - until such time as we need to or are told to stop.
(Government advice permitting.)

But please, we do ask that you inform us if you are feeling ill in any way, as we can postpone your lessons until you're feeling well again. As we will extend the same courtesy to you. It's always best to be safe than sorry

Rules and regulations are changing every day and we will do our best to keep a finger on the pulse, as we urge you to do the same.

Click this link to view the latest Coronavirus Covid-19 updates

Our aim is to keep the calm, by following procedures, in order to keep everyone safe. We are not doing so, in order to create more hysteria.

If we all take the necessary precautions, be smart about our hygiene and pay attention to the warning signs, then we may be able to ride this out with as little upset as possible.

We really do appreciate your co-operation throughout this trying time. Thank you for sticking by us and supporting us as we continue to provide you with the best service we can offer. Let’s not allow the fear to win.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about continuing lessons.

0424 250 404

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Eating While Driving

Written by Sandra Bain

You slept through all 5 of your alarms and now you’re rushing out the door on your way to work. Your hair is a total mess, you’re wearing odd socks and you skipped breakfast... a coffee and McMuffin are starting to sound pretty good right now.

The drive thru staff hand over your morning saviour and the car quickly fills with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You then get a whiff of that perfectly cooked egg, juicy bacon and a slice of cheddar cheese nestled comfortably in a toasty English muffin... mmmmm

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STORY TIME "How I almost let my brain ruin everything"

Written by Sandra Bain

 The day has finally arrived. Tomorrow, is the day of my Driving Test. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time now, but for some reason, I have this uncontrollable, gut wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why am I so nervous? I’ve had a whole year to practice, this should be easy.

I found it really hard to get to sleep, as I was imagining all the potentially bad situations, I could find myself in. Then all the “What If’s” started to emerge…

What if…I fail? What if…I cause an accident? What if…an ambulance comes up behind me? What if…someone runs a red light? What if…I run the red light? What if…I don’t do my parallel park right? What if…the examiner isn’t nice to me? What if…they take me somewhere I don’t know? What if…I don’t understand where they want me to go? What if…I turn left instead of right?

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Why do people get so nervous before taking their practical driving test?

Written by Sandra Bain

It’s completely understandable that students get nervous before their big test day. For most students, it’s the biggest day of their lives so far and a day which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Personally, I think, if you’re not even slightly nervous, then there’s something wrong with you.

But getting TOO nervous can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety on the day of the test. And it is one of the biggest reasons, why otherwise competent drivers, end up failing their drivers test.

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