Driving School Instructor Sandra


Hello, My name is Sandra, and I am the Founder of Ezyway Driving School.

It all started in 2014, with a dream and a car, with a couple of magnets on the doors. Back then, I didn't dare to imagine that my small business would grow to be one of the most sought-after Driving Schools on the Gold Coast.

A little about me:

I am a born and bred Gold Coaster, and went to school in Helensvale High. Worked in Hospitality, Retail and odd jobs here and there, before I finally stumbled upon my calling. My stepdaughters (who I was teaching to drive at the time) told me I should do this for a living, and well...here we are.

I noticed so many students suffering from Driving Anxiety, and found myself focusing more attention towards those who suffer from it. Having had severe anxiety and depression myself over the years, and sourcing ways to overcome it, I felt I had the understanding and patience required to help those who needed me. I dug a little deeper and educated myself further so I am now actually qualified to coach students through their anxieties with the appropriate mindset tools and modalities.

Now, I ONLY focus on easing driving anxiety and helping those with fears of driving, finally accomplish their dreams of being able to drive, without fear.

I offer one-on-one coaching online to students all over the world, to help them understand why they're so anxious behind the wheel, recognise their potential, and support them while they push forward through their fears. 

I am blessed to have been able to build a career for myself that lights me up inside, I honestly couldn't be happier.

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